Thursday, September 26, 2013

SEPT 25th - reflection

I finally got some much needed sleep last night! 
When I woke up, I had this invigorating heartfelt feeling about life, which was, even though many of us are not in the exact place we want and desire to be in our current life, it's going to be okay. As long as we still have hope for a tomorrow and are still trying to make a better life for ourselves and those we love. A long the way I've learned, that life is all about making mistakes, and figuring out how to learn from them in order to enhance and evolve as a human being. We continually forget that life is about discovering ourselves and our purpose. We spend so much time judging and criticizing one another for the decisions or inevitable pitfalls, that we forget making mistakes, falling, failing and getting up again is exactly what life is all about. Instead we use criticism as a way to pretend that we don't make mistakes or struggle. Many of us pretend we have it all together, when we really don't. No one, has it all together. I pray in our lifetime, we all get to learn what is real and true to who we want to become and surrender to the fact, that we are all in the same mountain, discovering and trying to figure out this thing called life and which hill to climb. So we might as well help and support one another, along the way.
© 2013