Sunday, November 17, 2013

Just As I Am

I love this chapter, of Me. 
This calm lull, of being in the moment. 
I’m neither sad or happy. 
I’m not in love or heart broken. 
I long for no one, nor am I lonely. 
My heart is at rest, for once. 
I’m not expecting or giving. 
I’m not aching, nor am I elated. 
There’s no yearning for the unknown. 
There’s no sadness.
Like an amber in the fire, calmly burning.
There’s no unplanned spark stirring. 
Nor the desire to light a match. 
Or a dance.  
This stillness in my heart is so rare.
Like a beautiful perennial blooming.
I can’t help but take enjoyment, 
in the scent.
I’m at peace, just as I am.
I love this chapter, of Me. 
I'm at peace...with me.

- L Rae Brown

© 2013 written and copyrights of L Rae Brown, LLC 

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