Monday, February 3, 2014

Motherhood, Bliss...on a Cold Monday.

Motherhood on a Monday (For Me) goes something like this:
Playing Lawyer (say it with a southern drawl), on a shitty case, up before the dawn breaks just to make it into a cold court room, with a herd of sheep. Did I mention it is F-ing cold outside? Three hours later I'm back on the train, putting some hours in my writing. Maybe two or three tearful poetry, cause I've got to put some fire back into my soul, that was drained from that courtroom. 

By 3pm, my oldest kid gets home with a whopper black-eye from a snowball fight. By 3:30pm, my other two of the three walks in. One needs a haircut (in the worst way) and a project for his history class is due in two days. The other needs a new dress for her Daddy and daughter dance. "Mom what's for dinner" they all ask simultaneously, while my other brain taps me on the shoulder (Oh shit, the dog’s vet appointment was today, you’ve missed it again). 
With a smile I whisper, I missed you guys. 
Did you have a good day? 
They all tell me their day, all at once. 
I nod and I smile, like only a mother of 3 children can.

As my 3 magnum opus rush all around the house, to knock out their daily grind: 
Piano practices. 
Electric Guitar practices.
Put the dishes away in the dishwasher. 
Trash can duty. 
Argue with each other. 
Argue (some more) with each other.

Mom! One yells out from the bathroom, "We're out of toilet paper btw" and can you please wash my favorite gym outfit? Taylor chimes in, “Oh yeah Mommy, you promised my teacher you’d make 55 cupcakes for tomorrow.” Then all of a sudden I find myself in this store called Game stop. “How in the hell did I get here?” - (I ask my other brain) - I have 55 cupcakes to make for tomorrow and the batter is on my kitchen table. Wtf!

There was 5 other things I needed to do, before the night is over, what were they? I’m sure I have it written down somewhere. Then I look in my inbox message - it tells me I have 48 unread messages for today...are you kidding me? 

Motherhood, Bliss...on a Cold Monday.

© 2014

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