Monday, January 20, 2014


Late Yoga class for me tonight. I'm so grateful for Amanda, my beautiful Yoga instructor. Lately I've been enjoying the intimate company of Tony Horton in my Sauna room, him and I, down and durty with P90X Yoga.... but tonight I needed gentleness.

Sometimes when we're hurting, internally or externally, we push away from taking care of ourselves. Little things that brings us joy or a piece of mind, can help us so much to maintain who we are. For me, today that little thing is Yoga, within the company of other women.

I'm not saying "try to avoid what ails you", I'm saying... be gentle with yourself. Have empathy for you. Cry, feel the pain, hurt, cry some more, but be gentle....with yourself.

Because how you treat YOU, is the energy you send out, on how the Universe should treat YOU, all the other days, of your life.

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