Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Every year, before New Year's Eve comes around, I go through all my notes and pictures, to reflect on what I've learned and the extreme changes I've gone through. This is one of them.  

At one point, I had 3 babies in diapers:
Two toddlers.
One new born.
One breastfeeding and
The other one struggling to wing off.  
I was exhausted, that's an understatement.  
I had no experience with babies. None.  
They use to scare me.  
Ask anyone who knew me, specially my sisters, they'll confirm.  
I was once the Bachelorette of the year, of the decade.  
Freedom was my partner.  
Then one day, in my thirties,
I decided to do the wedding, house, dog, kids, in that order.  
I didn't know anything from experience.  
Only what I've read in books.  
My spouse at the time was very driven with his career.  
Only married women will understand what those three words means: Man. Driven. Career. That means a spouse who was barely home. So I raised three children all by myself. It was exhausting, lonely, but the happiest time in my life. Maybe cause motherhood comes with amnesia and unconditional joys.  
This was me, almost eight years ago.  
Now...I am a “Bonafide Writer.
My...how life has change, in an instant.  

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