Thursday, October 16, 2014


“What if we didn't have stories to reflect and reminisce on? What would be the point of existing all these decades, if we do not have the stories of our journey in this beautiful life? Even when some of the chapters were not so nice. Most of us do not care to face the reality, we will all be in our seventies and older one day. Some of us sooner than most. Fact is; we will all, one day be senior citizens.
Perhaps if we're lucky, we’ll be placed in a respectable nursing home, unable to fend for our basic human needs. But who will know our stories when we're old? Who will care to hear or read our journeys, struggles and how we've survived or conquered the same struggles that a young child will have themselves?
Will we walk the path alone with several characters along the way or will we choose to have one person who will write the story of our lives with us?
Do we have a choice to choose which option to have?" Or is it based on our faith?

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