Monday, September 29, 2014


I write about the power of accepting yourself for who you are now, so you can hear what you need to hear to get out of your comfort zone, and your fears that you’ve called hell. 

When I write I want to know you’re comprehending what I’m really saying, not what you’ve heard in the past from false prophets and motivational quotes. 

I write so that you can pay attention to your desires and dreams and learn something new about yourself and perhaps make a conscious effort to learn something new every day so you can grow from within. 

I write because we need to come to peace with our past, failures, our insecurities no one else ever see -- so that we can move on from the self-inflicted judgements -- from our shame.  

I write about self-care and acceptance because I’ve suffered from lack of self-esteem and neglect, and not until I paid attention to what I needed instead of what I wanted, did I realize and understand who I am. 

I write about pain because I know what loss and suffering mean and how blissful happiness can feel. 

I write about faith because I’ve lost mine in the past, and I know what it is to be lost, broken and in need of redemption. 

I write about gratitude because I am thankful for all of this -- good and bad. I’m grateful for being a human being -- a woman.  


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