Saturday, December 14, 2013


This year has been something to remember. For me, it was my year of evolving emotionally and letting go of past love and relationships, in all forms. I broke down so many doors I had been so fearful to enter for many decades, that were very close to my heart. I will say this, it was painful for the most part. A silent pain, but I needed to go through it. They say God brings people into your life to teach you. God will keep bringing different people into your life, until the right one is your true teacher. I believe that now. More so than ever. 

I've allowed myself to let go of several barrier that didn't allow me to receive love, appreciation from others and reciprocation of love and friendship from others. I never realized how tightly closed-in I was with my emotions and my heart. How much I was hungry for love, in all forms. When you get use to living and feeling a certain way for decades, bad or good, it becomes you. You might think it's a survival skill or just protecting yourself, but in reality it all boils down to, not allowing yourself to be truly loved by others. We all need to feel loved. Loneliness is not prejudice. Overall, the walls that has came crashing down around my view of life, love and relationships, has been enlightening, refreshing and overdue. I look forward to this coming year. No, I’m really excited for this coming year. To me it symbolize a new beginning. I've always appreciated New Years celebration. It has always symbolize a whole new life. A do-over. And since I didn't really get to do that in 2013; because the year was about learning lessons in love, relationships, going through several heartaches and lost. I’m positive, with full enthusiasm, I can fully look forward to 2014. 

I don’t know what’s coming, but I know this, it’s going to be really good and I have an abundant amount of gratitude, with an optimistic view of the coming year, like I’ve never had before. I’m excited! I hope you'll join me in this journey. I look forward to being with you next year. Raise your glass baby, to 2014. 

© 2013

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