Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Whether the pain is temporary, 
inconsolable, or a burden of a lifetime, 
truth is, we are all hurting inside. Pain left 
unresolved is in all of us. We can't assume to know 
what pain others are going through or have been through, 
and we should not judge others for not having conquered
 their pains, if we have not walked their path ourselves. 

We don't need 
to be the judge, jury and executioner of 
people's past and pains. We continuously make mistakes 
when we try to judge others, based solely on 
the assumptions generated by our limited perceptions. 

When we do judge 
we invite problems that most likely result 
in the destruction of friendships and marriages. 
We invite more pain, not to mention creating a climate 
of uncertainty and tension, and the breakdown of our own spirit.
To judge and condemn is only the sole right of God. 
God, who has all the insight and understanding 
that comes from having a superior perspective, 
unavailable to our limited human senses. 

Because we are all humans, 
we are not perfect, yet we are God's beautiful
children. God loves all of his people, 
regardless of our imperfections.
Love others unconditionally. 
Love yourself. 
Love conquers all.
Let go of the judgments.
Let God do his work.


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