Tuesday, October 13, 2015



Do you realize how small this world really is, and that we are connected to each other as close as a keyboard stroke?

Do you realize we have shared so much of our lives with each other through this thing called Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat―any and all of our social network vices?

We've shared our sonograms, our babies' births and first steps, our kid’s baseball home-runs, recitals, Halloween costumes, Birthdays, our drunk-pictures, our joys, successes and failures, as well as our insecurities, our banters on our best days and our worst. And sometimes...our losses. We know about each other’s happiness and sadness, our beliefs and disbeliefs 
of all things, good and bad. Our politics and our religion are open for any interpretation. We are an open book―vulnerable to the judgments of others, who can or can't read between the lines of the words we type.

Do you realize how much we can learn from each other, just by reading someone else's posts? Although some of us won't admit it, we all take something from it.
We all grow just a little bit more, and   we all learn something new.
As comfortable as our favorite pair of jeans, we willingly and excitedly share our daily lives with each other, with our family, near and far, with friends we've had for a lifetime, and the many we'll never have the honor to meet in person.

Priceless connections have been made just by our shared and exchanged compilation of pictures and words. Words that connect us, that whisper to our subconscious, “Hey, I’ve been through that too!”―“I know exactly what you mean!" and we comment and reply.

Some of us, in our daily reality, function and exist like a wrapped up rubber-band ball, yet, in this huge space called the internet, we allow our weaknesses and strengths to be validated by another soul, accepted with kindness by people whom we've never even met.
In return, all they've ever asked for is for you to reciprocate.

― LRAEBROWN © 2013

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