Tuesday, October 13, 2015



Most, if not all, of my posts are related to a project―an article―a story that I'm working on. If for some reason my words relate to your life or your current situation, and your seeking for answers, the answer is within yourself. I'm not here to give you the answer or a solution to your problem. My agenda is to spark a thought in your mind. But that is not likely to happen if you don't follow your gut instinct. 

Instead of seeking an answer from others, you have to be able to calm the storm in your mind. Pay attention to what your gut is telling you. And maybe, just maybe, you'll find that the words you're reading or listening to aren't so much about learning anything. Maybe it's about letting go of your way of thinking and believing, that has yet to work for you once, although you've replayed it in your mind a hundred times.

Let's be honest, the more we try to convince someone of our reasoning based on our experiences, the more firmly entrenched (maybe for defensive purposes) they become in theirs. In our current culture, it's not easy for most people to make a logical decision on anything. Especially when any of our emotions are involved. 

The truth is: we no longer live in a society where the only thing we have to decide on are sticks or stones to make a fire, porridge or potatoes for dinner or, whether to marry someone whose family has more sheep and cows or someone else who is more fertile. 

We now have a variety of answers to choose from, and we use that variety mentality when making decisions, or to not make a decision. What was once our society's norm: choosing from right or wrong, logic and common sense versus bullshit, now contends with our being bombarded with words of advice, information, books, and movie characters that'll tell us what we want to hear. The selection we make is always based on our current beliefs. 

There's no magic trick, potion, or secret to creating your desired life. No amount of good writing can help you understand the answer you're seeking.

Everything starts with you and what's in your mind. In your imagination. In your daily conversations with yourself―your beliefs. Your thoughts hold everything in your world, which is to say what you will receive from the Universe: the favors you're asking for in your prayers, they all start with your thoughts. Whatever you constantly repeat in your mind, good or bad, is or will become your reality. It's as simple as that.

Most of the answers you need start with using logic and common sense. More important, follow your gut instinct first, before you buy into someone else's words. 

― LRAEBROWN © 2014

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