Friday, October 16, 2015

"There's a voice within you that guides you. You have to learn to listen to that voice."


You're tired of feeling.
You're tired of thinking. You're tired of talking and listening. You're tired of worrying and planning. You're tired of being everyone's anchor.
You're just tired of being everything to everyone around you, and then some more. You don't want to conquer, let alone start or finish anything.
You don't want to put "all" your efforts into "anything". You're just tired. You just want to be quiet—be still—be left alone! Ever have those days when you're not feeling it? You don't want to be motivated. You don't want to be happy, but you're not sad. Ever have those moments when you just sigh, and say to yourself, "I'm mentally and emotionally exhausted!"? Not that anything's wrong or something's looming in the air. No matter how perfect someone's life might look from the outside, or how green the grass looks from beyond, we all have darkness within us. We're all busy and life can be overwhelmingly noisy. Everyone's life has sucky moments. Everyone's struggling with themselves about some thing or another. It's part of being human. When you've been tested and pushed for too long, or held on too long to your problems and past disappointments, there's a voice within you that guides you. You have to learn to listen to that voice. When life is biting at you, weighing on you, if you're doubting yourself, or if you've gotten too comfortable with your own demons, that can only mean one thing: it's time to get out of those four walls, get some fresh air, and let the sun kiss your skin. You have to know when to step off your comfort zone. We all need that moment and space where we can unload all our troubles, one that doesn't create other problems. The world will take care of itself. Yeah, you'll still have the same shit to deal with when you return, but at least you'll see with your own two beautiful eyes that life does go on. — LRAEBROWN

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