Thursday, October 15, 2015



I once asked a group of friends: what's the difference between a dick and an asshole? The best answer I got was; "A "dick" is an "asshole" with purpose. It's intent driven to be a dickhole."

In our daily lives, contingent upon how much we put ourselves out there in the world, we will encounter people who's character just comes off as being a dickhole
Sometimes, people have no clue of the energy they share with others. They could be going through something horrifically challenging in their lives or just having a bad day. 
Sometimes, people derive upon purposely being a dickhole to anyone, to release or relieve their stress or ego on others. 
Whether it's an internal extension of what a person is going through, or their energy just emanates negativity purposely―understand, that it has nothing to do with you. Even if their chosen behavior, their respond or reaction of being a dickhole is intent driven towards you―understand, that it has nothing to do with you.
We behave, respond, react to people based on how we perceive anything. No matter how annoying it is to deal with someone, individually, we all have a choice how we respond, react, and if we want to be a dick or an asshole. Or we can choose to be a decent human being, and do all things with kindness. The energy we leave on the people we encounter, is an accurate prediction of our current reality, as well as our future. 

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