Monday, October 5, 2015



I was reminded, again, that not everyone who has questions and seeks answers can handle the truth. And I can honestly say, I've finally come to peace with this.
People are only as good as they are willing to know.
Many pretend well to want not to know more than they believe they can handle. Some are just looking for pity and attention. Those are the ones who will drain you of all your energy, no matter how strong you think you are.

There are going to be some people, no matter how much patience, grace, honesty, and kindness you bestow upon them, who are just not going to vibe with you through and through. Yet, they expect your words to constantly vibe with the energy they're hungry for.

Some people do not want more knowledge than what they're comfortable with. Although you might be giving them truth and facts and the most transparent evidence, too much truth can scare them.

"Change does not happen when we're comfortable."

Many are comfortable living in their beliefs and fantasies. Even if their reality is full of anger and fear. They're satisfied with their current reality, nothing more.

And if you dare to enlighten them, no matter how much they've trusted you

in the past or have faith in you,
they will turn on you.
They'll even mark you as disloyal or hurtful to their soul, simply because you've showed them or told them their truth.

Why? Because they're only as good as they are willing to know.

The very same people who hunger for change can often be the reason why there is no change occurring. Their fear and comfort are debilitating their reach for knowledge.

If there's a lesson to be learned here, it would be that even if you're an honest and generous teacher― mentor―coach, you'll have to accept and be at peace with this wisdom: people will only learn the lesson if they want to.

Peace be with you.


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