Tuesday, October 20, 2015

When something is meant for us, it will only be for us to succeed.


When I was younger and immature, I used to get pissed, or it would annoy me, when someone took my ideas and did something with them for their own benefit or gain.

As I got older, I realized the more I tried out my ideas, the more I would sharpen my skills and learn new ways to make them better. Till I surpassed my old ideas. No idea is original, the execution of an idea is what is original.
"Concepts are worth less than execution."
When I look back at those old ideas, I'm so glad I didn't use them, or they didn't work out for me, or someone else made use of them instead, because their only purpose was for me to hone my skills. That's all they were. The very best of all the ideas that have worked out for me, only I could have pulled off! The rest were just lessons, trials, tests, blueprints, and tools to help me master my craft. It's all part of the process of continuously evolving. 

That's the gift the universe and my life lessons have taught me.

When something is meant for us, it will only be for us to succeed. "What is meant for me will always be meant for me." ―LRAEBROWN

NOTE: I bet you're wondering why I used the portrait of The Monalisa. The Monalisa is quite possibly the most well-known piece of painted artwork in the entire world and one of the most duplicated art in our history.  Think about that.

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